How to Ensure Pain Free Dentistry

Pain free dentistry is the best solution to people who are uncomfortable about the idea of visiting a dentist. Many people experience fear, stress and anxiety whenever they think about visiting a dentist. As such, some people delay or skip regular dental visits or checkup. Unfortunately, this can lead to build up of cavity or plaque. Poor dental or oral hygiene can cause other problems such as tooth loss, heart disease and even stroke. However, there are modern dentistry techniques and tools that ensure that visits to a dentist in Boise ID are pain free. These help in easing both the discomfort and anxiety that some people experience during dental visits.

Sleep dentistry

This involves intravenous sedation that a specialist anesthetist monitors after administration. Due to technological advancement, modern dental sedation uses a combination of pain killers and sedatives that place the patient into a drowsy which is a dream-like state. While in such a relaxed, deeply calm state, the patient lies comfortably during the dental procedure. By the time you wake up, you will not remember that you have the treatment.


Inhaled sedation

This entails the use of nitrous oxide. This relaxes the nervous system of the patient. With this sedation, a patient inhales nitrous oxide combined with oxygen. This gives them a well-being feeling. Some patients say that they feel ‘tingly’ or ‘floaty’. Nevertheless, this sedation reduces anxiety. Its effects stop when the patient stops inhaling it. This implies that with this sedation, you can have a dental procedure performed on you and drive home comfortably.

Oral sedation

This is a common component of pain free dentistry. It entails taking a light sedative just before a dental appointment. This takes the edge off the nerves and it keeps the patient relaxed during a dental procedure. However, if you take this sedative in form of a tablet, you should have someone that will take you home because you cannot drive yourself properly.

General anesthesia

This will knock you out and it is usually done when a dental procedure entails a surgical operation. It can be used if you are too tense or scared of having the dental treatment done while you are awake. It can also be done for a dental procedure that the dentist considers very difficult such as extraction of the wisdom teeth.

Other ways of making a dental procedure pain free

If you fear dental procedures, you can also make them pain free through other ways. For instance, you can follow us on our youtube video for best  dental treatments . Such dental treatments will help you in managing fear and pain in the best way they can. You can also make your dental procedure pain free by sharing your fears with the dentist. This will enable the dentist to determine which treatment plan is ideal for you and how best you can allay your fears. You can as well capitalize on the latest technologies. These are mostly less invasive and less painful. Basically, there are many ways of ensuring pain free dentistry. You just need to share your fears with the dentist before a dental procedure so that they can determine the most ideal way of addressing your fears or avoiding pain.

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